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Mind, body & beyond

There is magic in mindfulness. At Amrutha Bindu Yoga, we believe that true yoga practice arises out of an attentive mind. Inspired by the 8 limbs, we bring you traditional yogic wisdom in thoughtful, easy-to-grasp classes. Your journey into the mind begins here. Infinity beckons. Would you answer?


Transformation is at the centre of what we do. Regular, purposeful practice of yoga transforms not just the body, but refines the very being who undertakes it. At Amrutha Bindu Yoga, we leave no stone unturned to enable you to experience the bliss of yoga practice where you can solely focus on your growth. Come embrace transformation with us, in whatever form suits your best!

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Our Services

Group Yoga

Our Group Yoga Classes offer something for everyone, whether you are a complete beginners to seasoned yogi. 

Yoga 1-on-1

Our Yoga one-on-ones are crafted for you: whether it be at our studio, in the comfort of your own home, or online. 

Yoga Courses

These are designed for for all levels of experience - from teachers trainings (YTT) to deep immersions.


Our counselling services help you  gain the insight and tools needed to better manage your physical & mental health.



Amrutha Bindu has come as a breath of fresh air. While I started practising yoga a little before lockdown, I quickly realised the need of a teacher to avoid injuries like I had. Hence, when Amrutha Bindu opened their classes in JP Nagar, I joined immediately. The space is peaceful, and the teachers well versed in their knowledge. The access to both online and offline classes and multiple time schedules has helped me stay consistent.

Punitha Ankaraju, Bangalore


Our journey so far


The name “Amrutha Bindu” is inspired by the legend of Samudra Manthana, which unveiled the much sought-after nectar that had been engulfed by the deep, dark ocean of milk. The practice of yoga is similar, where the dedicated pursuit of mindfulness unearths one’s infinite potential that has been shrouded in the darkness of habituated living.

Having taught in many yoga schools and chains for over a decade, our founders, Sandeep & Medha, founded Amrutha Bindu Yoga in 2014 and built a yoga school that would embody the authentic forms of yogic and tantric philosophies and make them accessible, methodical and easy to understand and apply. Today, Amrutha Bindu Yoga is home to a versatile bunch of passionate and qualified teachers who exemplify the contemporary understanding of yoga whilst honouring the path shown by classical yogis.

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