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Yoga 1-on-1

Personal Training

Specially crafted yoga classes and programs to address your needs


Tailored guidance for your unique yoga journey

Our personalised yoga classes offer a transformative journey crafted to align with your individual goals, schedule, and level of practice. Whether you're a busy professional who can practice at odd hours, or you have specific needs due to an injury or a medical condition, our 1-on-1 classes may be the right choice for your yoga journey.

Features of our 1-on-1s

In your time, in your space

Your classes are scheduled at your convenience: one for those who can commit to a regular, specific schedule; and another for those who require complete flexibility. You can practice in your home, or other private spaces, or request us for a room in our Shala.

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Traditional & therapeutic

We believe that your unique journey requires the traditional healing wisdom. Our approach combines yogic principles and practices with modern therapeutic techniques.

Practice seamlessly

Not in Bangalore? You can take our classes wherever in the world you may be, through videoconferencing. This may be to continue your regular practice, with an experienced teacher to guide you; or to get you started virtually.

More reason to love our 1-on-1 programs:
Our teachers! 

Our teachers are highly skilled, have good experience and are genuinely compassionate. For them, teaching is more than just a profession – they have a responsibility to you and to the ancient tradition of yoga. They are perceptive to your needs during a class and in the long run. We have specialist teachers for different needs, such as prenatal yoga, rehabilitation from injury and chronic disorders, and therapy for trauma, depression and mental illness. Our teachers undergo extensive training and mentoring to ensure their continuous education, so that they are ever-ready to deliver the best yoga experience for you

Our past experience includes:


Postural correction

back & neck pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder

nervous system rehabilitation.png

Nervous system rehabilitation

metabolic issues.png

Metabolic issues

diabetes, BP, thyroid, weight management

cancer care.png

Cancer care

heart health.png

Heart and lung health

Auto immunity.png

Auto immune disorders

prenatal yoga.png

Yoga for fertility

pregnancy, hormonal health


Sports injury rehabilitation & preparation


I have been practising Yoga with Amrutha Bindu Yoga for almost 2 years now and I have only good things to share. I have a condition called endometriosis which causes chronic pain and makes daily life a challenge. I have tried several treatments and though that brought my pain under control, I had unbearable side effects because these treatments were focussed on managing the symptoms rather than working on the core issue. Fortunately, I connected with the team from Amrutha Bindu and they designed personal classes for me with the sole intention of helping me heal - not just the pain but also to strengthen my body, correct the imbalance and resolve the core issue. The journey is still on but I have been pain free for last two years (without any medication), hormonal imbalances are slowly getting resolved and am now able to live a normal life. I like how the instructors are well versed with your case and also the time and commitment that the team shows to ensure that you have a good practise every single time. Thank you for helping me in my journey!

- Nivya Bharat

How it works!


Classes are facilitated in three forms: in the shala, at a space designated by you or online! 


At home



Two paths: regular, scheduled monthly classes or ad-hoc classes on-demand

Monthly Classes

Ideal for regular practitioners

Thoughtfully allocated classes

We take great care in mapping the right teachers for your goals and  needs. 

Consistent Schedule

Your class schedule is ready for the whole month. This helps you create discipline and adds up to a progression in practice

Monthly billing cycles

Scheduled for the beginning of every month, our billing cycle facilitates hassle-free payments.

Number of classes

8 - 24 classes per month. This works out to 2 - 6 classes per week.

On-Demand Classes

Ideal for unpredictable schedules

Flexibility in schedule

You are free to schedule classes at your convenience and pay for them as such.

Pay per practice

You can pay only for the session. Or you can pay for 5 sessions with an extended validity. 

Commitment, but no fixture

Commit to your practice without having a fixed number of sessions or a pre-fixed time for the sessions.

Number of classes

1 or 5 classes with a validity of 3 months.

Perks of regular monthly classes

We understand the need for some flexibility due to unforeseen circumstances. We offer these benefits provided you communicate your request in advance and we can make such a change in our schedules too!


The option to opt for a different time for some classes within the same month.


The option to adjust certain number of missed classes against the next invoice

The process of signing up


Frequently Asked Questions

Can yoga heal me?

Yoga works very well to heal lifestyle disorders and NCDs (non-communicable diseases). If you're looking to understand how yoga works specifically for your ailment, please get in touch with us. 

How do I prepare for the class?

Start by developing a routine and preparing the space for practice, if you're doing it at home. Prepare the people around you. Dress appropriately: you need to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. Have food about 1.5 - 2 hours before the practice.

Can yoga help me lose weight?

Stress is one of the biggest contributors to weight gain. In short, yoga is a psycho-somatic activity which helps you build voluntariness about the functionality of the body, your lifestyle and your stress levels. Asanas combined with mindful breathing help to detoxify the body, cleanse the digestive tract and reduce anxiety and stress. 

What should I expect from a 1-on-1?

Your classes typically start with a discussion about your needs and aspirations. Then,, the teacher builds a foundational practice by assessing your range of movement and endurance. As the body adapts , your program gets more fine-tuned to what you are seeking.

How does the billing work?

At the beginning of the month (or whenever you join), the payment for the month is calculated and sent as an invoice. The fees are due by the 5th. If you have classes remaining from the previous term, the fees will be adjusted accordingly. 

Do I stop my medications when I start my yoga practice?

We don't recommend stopping medication except in consultation with your doctor. Please show us your reports and tell us the medications that you are taking so that we can tailor the practice accordingly.

Want to know more?

Get our personal class brochure by providing your details! We will reach out to you as soon as we can! 

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- Embrace Transformation ~

Start your yoga journey!

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