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Whether you are comfortable with the stillness a one-on-one session or the sparkle of a group class, yoga practice is a great way to restore yourself and find steadiness and grace.

Group Classes


Group classes are great to build collective energy and stay motivated. Through various styles ranging from gentle and relaxing to  fast-paced and intense, we cater to everyone: complete beginners, experienced practitioners and yoga teachers. Our classes give space for the graceful, harmonised exploration of the body, breath and mind.

Personal Classes

Personal classes present a closer, customised view into the practise of yoga. Working with a teacher one on one or in a private group, you can deepen your practice in your own space and time. We carefully design each class to focus on your specific needs such as alignment, therapy, injury rehabilitation, stress relief, relaxation and philosophy.

Counselling & Mentoring


Our disorganised lifestyle sometimes knocks our sense of wellbeing out of balance, making us susceptible to injury on psychosomatic planes. Yoga, as a practise, fosters a great degree of self-awareness, most of which is directed towards re-align and re-condition the mind to stay balanced and focused on healthier approaches to living.


Refine your practice by diving into an aspect of yoga that interests, intrigues, or challenges you. Each course has a specific theme and covers a wide range of topics for both yoga teachers and students.

TTC: Level 1

TTC: Level 1

Our Yoga Alliance  registered Level 1 Course is designed to provide a structured initiation for a meaningful yoga practice to people of all ages and abilities. Whether you plan to teach yoga or develop your own practice, this program provides the knowledge and tools necessary to practice and impart this wisdom safely and skill-fully, fostering a deep curiosity for yoga in all its forms.

TTC: Level 2

Our Yoga Alliance registered Level 2 course is open to yoga teachers and long-term practitioners who wish to expand their personal practice, specialise in hatha yoga application and develop their teaching skills. It promotes deep study through a curriculum that balances experiential ‘on the mat’ learning with lectures, practicum, personal study, group discussions, internships and mentoring.


We offer workshops and retreats which cover a wide range of topics, for all levels of yoga experience. They are designed to help you deepen your understanding of yoga, its philosophy and its complementary practices. They are interactive, fun and experiential with demonstrations, dialogue and hands-on assistance. They are a great way to learn new things or dive deeper into your practice.


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