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We have courses to let people adopt yoga as their profession or deepen their practice. Choose a course according to your level of expertise.

Teacher Training Course- I

Our Yoga Alliance registered Level 1 course enables students of all ages and abilities to practice and teach yoga in a meaningful way. Whether you are pursuing yoga as a career or as a self-practice, this course provides the necessary skills to eloquently do so and lays a strong foundation for further education.

Duration : 200 Hours

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Teacher Training Course - II

Our Yoga Alliance registered Level 2 course is open to yoga teachers and long-term practitioners who wish to deepen their personal practice, specialize in hatha yoga application and refine their teaching skills. It promotes deep study through a curriculum that balances experiential ‘on the mat’ learning with lectures, practicum, personal study, group discussions, internships and mentoring.

Duration : 300 Hours

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