Personal classes

Personal classes present a closer, customised view into the practise of yoga. Working with a teacher one on one or in a private group, you can deepen your practice in your own space and time. We carefully design each class to focus on your specific needs such as alignment, therapy, injury rehabilitation, stress relief, relaxation and philosophy

Counselling & Mentoring

Our disorganised lifestyle sometimes knocks our sense of well-being out of balance, making us susceptible to injury on psychosomatic planes. Yoga, as a practice, fosters a great degree of self-awareness, most of which is directed towards re-align and re-condition the mind to stay balanced and focused on healthier approaches to living

200 hour Teacher Training level 1

Our Yoga Alliance ( registered Level 1 course enables students of all ages and abilities to practice and teach yoga in a meaningful way. Whether you are pursuing yoga as a career or as a self-practice, this course provides the necessary skills to eloquently do so and lays a strong foundation for further education. The core curriculum includes:

Teaching Prenatal Yoga

In this course students will understand what fertility is, how it works and the needs of women before, during and after pregnancy. Using this understanding students will be able to guide future mothers in prenatal yoga and lifestyle choices based on the knowledge of Garbha Samskara to facilitate happy and healthy mothers and babies. Within prenatal yoga specifically, the course will help develop proficiency in modifying and teaching Asana with props, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation to mothers-to-be.

Teaching Yoga for Women

Different bodies have different needs. In this course students will learn about the unique needs and transitions the female body goes through from menarche to menopause and how to support them using yoga. Understanding and working with the hormones is the essence of this course. A holistic understanding from problems arising out of diet, lifestyle, stress to practises that help balance them out, this course is designed to cater to the needs of the modern day woman.

300 hour Teacher Training (Level 2)

Our Yoga Alliance Yoga Alliance ( registered Level 2 course is open to yoga teachers and long-term practitioners who wish to deepen their personal practice, specialize in hatha yoga application and refine their teaching skills. It promotes deep study through a curriculum that balances experiential ‘on the mat’ learning with lectures, practicum, personal study, group discussions, internships and mentoring.

Ashtanga Vinyasa

Ashtanga Vinyasa is a dynamic Asana-based practice that coordinates deep breathing with flowing movements. It is notorious for being rigorous, sweaty and meditative – all at once. Focusing on the Primary and Intermediate Ashtanga Series, students of this will receive detailed instruction of individual movements, asanas and transitions. They will understand how postures, breath, bandhas and drishtis work together to create symmetry, grace and strength. They will be able to teach this practise in its true essence in all contexts to people with different needs.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra means yogic sleep and is a practice of Pratyahara, or sensory withdrawal. In yoga nidra time is spent in states of mind that lie between being awake and asleep. Our yoga nidra course focuses on understanding our different states of consciousness and how to work with them to let go of previous experiences and behavioural patterns that don’t serve us anymore. After the course students will be able to instruct this deeply healing practice and customize sessions to themselves and people with various conditions. 

Teaching Yoga for Children

Teaching children is a meaningful way to create a better future. This course is designed to enable yoga teachers to teach children according to their unique development needs, while keeping classes fun, interactive and educational. Whether you are seeking to learn and improve your knowledge about developmental requirements of the children’s body and mind or teach yoga to children professionally, our team will provide you with the information and inspiration necessary to thrive.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga emphasises on detail, precision and alignment in asana and pranayama. This highly systematised practise aids the development of strength, mobility and stability. Our Iyengar yoga course gives special importance to understanding the intrinsic alignment of our own bodies by clearing the habituated patterns of movement. By understanding the use of different props to achieve this precise alignment, the students of this course learn to customise yoga practise for the elderly, injured, tired or ill students


Shatkarma refers to the six groups of yogic cleansing practices. The purpose of Shatkarmas is to detox the body, purify the energy channels and clear the mind, to reset and return to a state of ideal health. In this course students will understand these complex cleansing rituals and learn how different practices cleanse and purify all the layers of the body. They will understand when to perform each practice, how to modify for various conditions and become prepared to guide others in this intrinsic part of Hatha yoga.