Group Yoga Classes

Our Shala hosts everyday classes taught by our awesome teachers. Whether you are curious about yoga and want to begin your journey, or you are looking for a space with the perfect vibe to continue your sadhana, our Group Classes are what you need.


Due to the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we have decided to close our physical studio to encourage social distancing, starting Tuesday, March 17, 2020 until further notice.

However, our yoga classes are going digital. The schedule and pricing has been updated below. Take a look and stay in touch with practice. We are so grateful for our community and will continue to be here for you to the best of our abilities.

Practice above all else​

At Amrutha Bindu Yoga, the practice of yoga takes centre stage. We have left no stone unturned to ensure that your practice with us is a smooth and fulfilling experience, so that you can turn up, spread your mat and begin!

Our Classes

Our Classes are suited for different people with varying needs. Whether you’re looking for structure & flexibility, or want to dive into deeper Sadhana, we have a class for you! 


This class caters to regular students and focuses on the basics. You’ll be surrounded by both brand new and returning practitioners as well as more advanced yogis who want a refresh of the fundamentals. The theme of the practice is supported conscious and mindful movement. You’ll feel empowered, energized and eager to come back.

Term: Till the end of May

Monday - Saturday

Duration: 75 minutes

* 6.45 am - 8 am
* 6 pm - 7.15 pm
* 10 am - 11.15 am


Rs. 3000 (6 classes per week)
Rs. 4000 (unlimited classes)


Yoga Nidra and Meditation Master Class is the perfect way to take a peek into the sub-conscious mind. This class is designed to help you unwind, and get in touch with your inner silence. Tapping into the power of the intuitive mind, this class is the antidote to stress and anxiety.

SYLLABUS: Gentle asana practice | 8 stage Yoga Nidra 

Term: Till the end of May

Monday - Friday

Duration: 60 minutes

7 pm - 8 pm


Rs. 2000
Drop in: Rs. 150


Perfect opportunity to understand what we mean by mind, body and beyond with Sandeep! Dive into the context and philosophy of yoga, by studying the Yoga Sutras, Upanishads and more. Gain from multi-disciplinary approach to philosophy and apply what you learn into everyday life! 

SYLLABUS: Patanjali Yoga Sutra |  Upanishads | Tantras | Bhagavad Gita | Bhagavata | Brahma Sutra

Term: Ongoing


Duration: 60 minutes

4 pm - 5 pm



Class Schedule

Sign up, and simply get ready to spread the mat!

Fill up the sign-up sheet and register today. In case you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us. 

If you’re looking for one-on-one with a teacher, take a look at our personal classes.